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Parabola Project

Real Life Uses

Real Life Uses
The Conic Sections

Suspension Bridges:

The parabolic shape of the cables along suspenion bridges help carry the forces acting on the bridge to the top of the towers (which can usually stand flexing, buckling, and oscillation)


Parabolic Flight

Also known as weightlessness, this helps future astronauts, and current ones, experience space without ever leaving the Earth.



Everything on the planet Earth is subject to gravity. When on object is thrown or forced in a direction not on the ground, eventually gravity grabs it and drags it down. The path the object follows it that of a Parabola.


Older Spacecraft

Many of the older space missions followed a parabolic path. When launched, the spacecraft never directly went into the atmosphere... that would surely cause it to burn up. Rather, it entered at an angle. While in space, it would continue to fall to the Earth and eventually, could be recovered.